Friday Afternoon Tea Party

Early on in lockdown 2021 Caroline Lamoon and I started what we called the Friday Afternoon Tea Party. It was a virtual tea party that we invited people to participate in with photographs being posted on social media. The first party was just us putting on some nice clothes and partaking in tea and cake. Very early on we decided that each party was to have a theme.

We held our parties for a full year, 52 weeks.  It was epic and had quite a following but all things must come to an end.

We hope to have an exhibition in 2022 with photographs of all 52 weeks, plus masks and costumes. You must be aware that we had a rule that no costumes or props could be ‘bought in’.  Thankfully we had many Amazon boxes from which masks and props were made.  Caroline, with her theatre background, has huge collection of random costumes. However, she did not have a dress suitable for Crystal Tips so  I had to make one from an old sheet and then painted.