Robert Lamoon

Bob Lamoon

Robert Lamoon by Neil Brown


Making art and being creative has always been an essential part of my life. During my teens I was given a good grounding in drawing, painting and pottery at the long gone Dover School of Art. But getting to this point in my life has largely been through a series of happy accidents, poor advice, lack of forward planning and generous opportunities. In my early years I had many varied jobs including farm worker, freight agent, JCB driver, brass founder, workshop technician and mountain leader in Snowdonia. For the most part of my life I was a teacher of craft and product design. I loved teaching but after almost 30 years in the job I was becoming mentally and physically exhausted.

So I retired early from teaching to concentrate on my own work. Photography became my main creative medium. This transition period saw me travelling widely and often through South India. Some of my first exhibitions were of Indian Photography. I so miss India. Hopefully I will get back there in the near future.

Probably one of the most significant and formative periods of my artistic career was sharing a residency at The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury, with Jill Holder. 6 months prowling the Beaney galleries culminating in a month long much acclaimed exhibition was life changing and an affirmation of my artwork. It was here that I started to describe my art practice as that of visual storyteller.

After numerous solo and joint exhibitions in Kent my work is constantly evolving and the development of new challenging projects provides great joy. For 52 weeks throughout 2020/21 my wife Caroline and I held weekly themed, virtual, Friday Afternoon Tea Parties in our front room. These proved extremely popular on social media. However, after a whole year it was time to move on. A new exhibition, Lamoon & Lamoon was held at Creek Creative Galleries in Faversham.

Lamoon and Lamoon have been working again on a joint project set up by Nigel Adams called Figures. The plan is for 100 artists each to draw 1000 figures on rolls of paper. So Caroline posed and I made quick gestural ink drawings. This roll has been completed and I have completed a second roll, called Market People. A great challenge and wonderful to be so involved.

This year I have started working with The Hot Tin in Faversham, dressing gig sets and curating an exhibition of local supportive artists.

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